rhino shield color choices

Continual product development, research, and testing have been the cornerstones of Super Shield®’s success over the years. Many top ASTM laboratories, including BASF, are utilized to test and verify the high performance characteristics of the Super Shield® coating system. Super Shield® must continually pass the industry’s most extreme internal thermal tests where substrates are coated with Super Shield® and then exposed to subfreezing temperatures followed immediately by extreme heat and then subjected moisture. In addition to this extreme testing, Super Shield® is subjected to extreme exterior exposure testing. After years of exposure to many different environments, our proprietary system remains durable and continues to perform.

At Super Shield®, designing and testing is an ongoing process. We are very proud of our testing results and believe the tests support our position as the ceramic coating leaders. Independent testing confirms our performance claims, and offers assurance to our customers that Super Shield® will perform on their homes and businesses.

Some key performance characteristics include

Test Result ASTM #
Dry Film Thickness 12 mils
pH Level 8.45
Elongation 168% ASTM D2370
Tensile Strength 464 psi ASTM 2370
Dry Adhesion Aluminum 3.5 lbs/inch ASTM D903
Dry Adhesion Concrete 5.2 lbs/inch ASTM D903
Wet Adhesion Concrete 2.1 lbs/inch No Cracking or Checking
Vapor Transmission 19 US Perms ASTM D 1653 (wet cup)
Water Swelling 6% ASTM D471
Low Temperature Flexibility PASS ASTM D522 (mandrel bend)
Dirt Pick Up Resistance .872 Carbon Black Water Solution

Tests After Accelerated Aging Chamber (1000 hours)

Dry Film Thickness 12 mils
Elongation 84% ASTM D2370
Tensile Strength 464 psi ASTM D2370
Low Temperature Flexibility PASS ASTM 522

Full testing reports are available upon request and include the laboratory, dates, methodology, test description, and detailed results. As you evaluate competitor coating options, be sure to ask for and review their test data. We think you’ll find our test results invariably superior to what else you’ll find in the marketplace.