rhino shield color choices

Ever touch your asphalt driveway, climb on your shingle roof, or place your hand on a dark colored automobile when it’s been out in the sun awhile? Pretty hot, isn’t it? That’s because the sun’s UV rays are typically absorbed by most outdoor materials, including roof materials such as asphalt shingles and roof tiles, which dramatically increases the surface temperature.

However, Cool Colors™ pigment technology reflects solar energy off the surface of the roof material thus lowering the surface temperature of your roof. Testing research has consistently shown Super Shield® with Cool Colors™ lowers outside surface temperature 25 degrees or more in moderate ambient heat. Lower outside temperature means lower inside temperature thus keeping the inside cooler and more energy efficient. And best of all-Cool Colors™ is available in a number of popular roof colors.

Super Shield Roof Colors:

Light Golden Yellow Dark Golden Yellow Coppertone Tan Amber Brown
Light Red Light Brown Red Earth Dark Red
Light Forest Green Light Colbalt Green Green Tea Dark Forest Green
Storm Mesa Dried Herb Gray
Light Gray Battleship Gray Midnight Gray Inner Depth