frequently asked questions

How long will Super Shield ® last?

The Super Shield® product is backed by a written, transferrable, non-prorated ten year warranty.

What maintenance is required after an installation?

Super Shield® may be power washed after installation to remove any dirt buildup and keep it looking new.

What surfaces may Super Shield ® be applied over?

Super Shield® may applied to virtually any roofing surface including primed metal, tile, asphalt shingles, aluminum, bonded roof gravel, slate, clay, concrete, masonry tile, Styrofoam®, bitumen membranes, cedar shake shingles, among other roofing substrates.

What colors does Super Shield ® come in? Will it match the color of my existing roof? Can the color be changed once applied?

Super Shield® is available in an array of custom colors. Contact your local Rhino Shield® dealer today to discuss the hue of your dreams. Colors may be changed after installation by applying another coat of Super Shield®.

Is there a clear coat available?

Yes, there is a Super Shield® ceramic clear coat available with a five-year warranty.

Will Super Shield ® crews complete any roof repairs with a coating installation?

Yes, minor roof repairs will be handled.

Will Super Shield fix existing roof leaks?

No, structural roof leaks will need to be repaired prior to a Super Shield® application.

Can Super Shield help reduce my energy bill particularly in the summer?

Super Shield® helps reduce roof surface temperature by reflecting UV rays away from your roof. This lowers the inside temperature thus saving on cooling costs.

Is Super Shield ® an Energy Star Product? Will it save me money on my taxes?

Yes, Super Shield® is a registered Energy Star product; it may provide certain tax benefits. Please check with your accountant for confirmation.

Does Super Shield ® work on commercial roofs as well?

Yes. Contact your local Rhino Shield® dealer to receive a free estimate.

May Super Shield ® be applied to flat roofs?

Yes. However, flat roofs require an application of primer sealer prior to Super Shield® and a flat roof version of our ceramic roofing coating.